Monday, July 7, 2008

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Happy Independence Bahamas!!!!!!!!!

It's Our Independence week!!!!!

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I deserted you guys for a couple of days. I promise I'll make it up to you......somehow!
This is just an update:

1. I just got back for Ft. Lauderdale, the weather there was horrible...glad to be back in the sunshine....

2. I'm awaiting the tables and chairs for the scrappy room(that's where all the creative juices will flow) can't wait to hang with you guys there.....

3. Great News...I'm going to CHA for the first time.....looking forward to seeing all the new products!

4. I've been working on "Introductory Kits" you don't have to be timid about scrapbooking anymore...come sit, relax, laugh, build new friendships, create and preserve memories

5. I've got PICTURES........Here are some pics of the new store