Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekend To Unwind

The Scrapbook Cottage is excited to present......
"Weekend to Unwind"
December 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th


Trisha Ladouceur.

  Trisha has been an avid scrapbooker for nearly 11 years and has taught for more than 9 years in Canada and the United States as well as overseas. She has been married to her best friend,  Drew for nearly 17 years and has 2 wild, but devilishly handsome boys, Logan and Carter who are more often than not, the source of her inspiration. She resides in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where the long, cold winters provide plenty of scrapbooking time for her.

Her teaching abilities have taken her on numerous travel adventures in resent history. She has taught scrapbooking and paper crafting classes coast to coast in both Canada and the United States. She feels blessed to combine her love of travel with her passion for teaching's a match made in heaven!

Trisha has the distinct honor and privilege of being an Endorsed Educator for a few of her favorite Scrapbooking Manufactures such as Prima, My Mind's Eye, Graphic 45, Bazzill, Tattered Angels, Sakura and Beacon Adhesive.

To Trisha's credit, she is also a product designer (Co-Creator of the Build-A-Book for Prima Marketing, Inc). She has numerous projects and articles published, you can view some of her recent work in Scrapbook Trends Magazine and Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine!

Trisha loves to create projects that are very detail oriented and incorporates texture and dimension wherever possible. You will not find a "flat" project anywhere in her portfolio! The best part is that she shows her students that they too CAN create a work of art that will impress all and that when the steps are broken down, any task can be accomplished by any level scrapbooker!

Registration Begins October 31st*
Call for more information
*Spaces are limited*

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Even though The Bahamas doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving Day as a holiday, quite a number of Bahamians myself! Did you know that the turkey is one of the most famous birds in North America. In fact, Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the wild turkey the national bird of the United States! (lol...just thought you wanted to know)

I think we should celebrate Thanksgiving Day as well because it's a time of CELEBRATION. Celebrating who we are, and how we got here! We remember life's struggles and are grateful, even proud of how we overcame them.

Now is the time to think ...What does this time of year mean to you? Thanksgiving mean something different to almost everyone-----How do you celebrate the day? Do you have favorite memories of this holiday? Well, I do! Lots of memories are created and I wouldn't change any of them for nothing in the world! Thanksgiving in my family is a long tradition of families coming together......these are great traditions that we have made for our family.

This is also the time of year where we take lots of photos. I so enjoy bringing out all our photos and scrapbooks to share with our family. Over the years more of our beloved family members have passed away.

However, with our scrapbooks, it momentarily freezes time and brings our past to the present so we can enjoy yesteryear!!!!!!

I am asking this of you........Please take the time to make some special traditions this year with your families.

Once today is gone it will never come back!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

FIrst Time Ever

This is the first time that will open our doors on a Sunday with a huge whale of a sale!
Please join us in taking out the old and bringing in the new............
There will be door prizes and giveaways........
Paper: Starting at 50% off
Embellishments: Starting @ 25% off
and much, much more savings....
See you on Sunday, September 13 @ 2pm-5pm

Monday, August 17, 2009

I Know it doesn't snow here, but I couldn't resist this line ....(and I hope to vivst Canada this Christmas), so I needed this paper...(smile)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

Today we celebrate our nation's 36th birthday. Now is the time to look back and reflect on where we've came from.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's June....The middle of the year!

It's Summertime again! Yeah, vacation vaacation, oops I forgot that I have to work. I want to send out a *LUCKY YOU* to all teachers. I remember those days, those good "ole" summer days.

*Summer Days Specials*
*Buy one stamp/Get the second1/2 off
* 10% off any beach related item
*2 for 22 class (bring a friend)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

To view this flyer, please double click on it.

Scrapbook & Craft Summer Camp

Our summer arts & crafts/scrapbooking camp will certainly be a unique experience, providing both one on one and group teaching in subjects as diverse as :
  • Scrapbooking
  • Painting on glass & Ceramics
  • Jewelry Making
  • Altered Art
Every week we will complete a different themed 20 page album.

Space is limited.........Registration is in progress!!!!!!
Call or email us for further information.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Isn't it a Lovely Day in The Bahamas

Good Morning to all!!!! I'm just enjoying the weather and thinking how blessed we are here in The Bahamas. It's a beautiful day for flying, those of you who know me well, know that i'm afraid of flying......yes.....believe it.....and yes, I do travel once a month. There are still no confirm cases of SWINE FLU here, let's continue to pray for those persons that may have contracted this disease else where in the world. 

Ok, back to  the scrapbooking world now...... Did you guys know that May is the National Month for Scrapbooking and to celebrate this, we are going to have classes at the store......and here's the catch..........the cost is....drumroll please......FREE!!!!!!! (Some restrictions may apply)
Please call or email  for more information.......

Monday, May 11, 2009

WOW....She's 13 years old!!!!!

I remember the day she was born, like yesterday. My baby girl turned 13 this month. She has grown into such a lovely lady(she must take after me).  There are so many changes now, she wants to wear this particular color that will match this particular shoe. I was told that this is the monster i created, taking her

Well this year she celebrated her birthday at Compass Point Beach Resort, a beautiful island themed resort by the way! The girls had a blast swimming in the pool and the beach, then got ready for the big 13th bash @ 7pm.  Then @12pm when everyone else went home(of course they didn't want to leave), the girls went swimming again. So much energy..........
It was such a fantastic night........What will we do when it's the 16th Bash?
Here are a few pictures.

Happy Mother's Day

I know it's a day late, but i still wanted to wish you ladies a blessed day! I made a promise to myself to blog everyday from now on. I've had requests to post samples and instructions, that too shall follow. There are so many of you I wanted to make a card for, but didn't get a chance to. So here's a card to all the Mother's who I know.
Happy Mother's Day!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Saturday, February 7, 2009


There's so much that I would like to share with you.

The flight:
We left Nassau and had a 2hour flight to The ATL, there we caught our next flight(which I will never do again) to California. I took us 5 hours to get there from Atlanta. I got tired of sleeping! I'm not a music nor television person, so I was bored out of my mind. There was nothing of the sort related to crafts(what a flight) lol.
On the side of .....she had no problems sleeping the whole time!

This is Sasha, she had it really good!!!!!

Here's a picture of interest TO ME.

This is Texas, both of my baby brothers are there in college. One in El Paso, the other in Houston.....wonder what they were wasting my mom's(& my) money on?

Day 1
Went to our hotel, the funny thing is we got a prepaid transportation service and they dropped us off at the wrong hotel. We are trying to check in at the HILTON (beautiful place) and not understanding why we are not on the list.
In the end, they realized we had the wrong Hilton. We were booked at the Hilton Marriott which was a block down. Now keep in mind it's cold, the front desk clerk said it's easy to walk. Well it's a good thing I'ma Bahamian.....Walk where? With Luggage? NO WAY! we decided to catch a taxi, and it took 3 L-O-N-G minutes.
In taxi time maybe short, in our walking time with luggage and the cold factor, 30MINS.

Day 2
We were the first persons on the line for a 7AM class.(smile)
On time well that was because California is 3 hours behind us, so 7am was actually my 10am, at home i'm on a roll by then(smile).

Technique Tuesday.....
We sure learned new techniques.
Here's what we did, and a sneak peek of what we've ordered!

After class we went on a rampage ordering this,that,them,those,and everything!
Lots of new embellishments, albums, papers, new toys to come in this and next month.

Day 3
Now this you have to hear.
We've entered the building, ohhhing and ahhhing about everything. A couple of minutes of this and an alarm goes off. I'm looking at Sasha, and she's looking at doesn't take us long to run to the exit door sprinting like the 100 meters dash. The
funny part about that is everyone was still standing wondering whats happening and looking at us like why are we running instead of doing what we were doing,which was getting the hell away from the building. It was a fire alarm, we were outside as they announced "PLEASE EXIT NOW". We started going back to our room and were stopped by a group of ladies asking us why we were leaving. My response was " I want to be the one to tell the story, if something was to explode, standing outside the building won't keep us safe". She replied, "That's smart, where you from?"
My Answer...."A smart country, The Bahamas!"
Here's the picture.

Here are some pictures of us having fun. Shhhhhh I know , we should have been

This is me sitting on a TOSH, a cushion designed to keep your hip comfy.

This is Sasha pretending to be interested in what I was saying.

I WIN..... I WIN.......I WISH!
I thought I was going to win this bike.....just my luck they didn't call my ticket number.

Once upon a time there was a princess named Keshia, she went to a far far away place and found a new friend who was also a princess. Look for the princess line coming soon at The Scrapbook Cottage.

Here's Sasha with the crew from Star Wars. Doesn't she fit right in?
Just kidding.

Check back tomorrow for pictures of our new products coming.


Scrapping Kid's Birthday Parties -

Invite your child's closest friends and foster their love for creativity! Choose from themes such as Exploding Box Album, Birthday Layout, mini albums and more.
$20 & up / child plus $50 deposit for 2-hour Studio time.

Laura and her friends had a blast, what better why to show off the pictures from your birthday party!

Private Parties -

Reserve the crop room at The Scrapbook Cottage for you and all of your friends; have a birthday party, a bridal shower, a baby shower, or just a private crop. See Staff for details.


I am sorry for not explain what Bingo Crop means.

Crop: Crops are designed to allow you to meet new friends in a group setting while working on your own scrapbook pages.
At crops you are allowed to use the tools needed for your layout that belongs to the store. e.g cuttlebug, embossing tool, the cricut. Also we will be there to assist and give advice to you.

Bingo: We all what that means.....
Plus don't forget the prizes......

Friday, February 6, 2009

Today I was interviewed by Island FM. I will be aired on channel 12, Monday night @7pm. Watch and listen. On Tuesday I will ask a question related to that show. the first person to post the answer on the blog will win our first BLOG CANDY.

Blog Candy- a scrapbooking term used on a blogspot for a gift/prize.

How are you liking this weather? It's a bit chilly if you ask me, but hey, that doesn't stop us from shopping or scrapping which are two of my favourite activities.
It's 2:35pm and it's 70 degrees outside but to me it feels like 60 degrees.
i'm a bit happy for this weather it gives me a chance to pull out my boots and turtleneck sweater tonight.