Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Items.........

                   I have some good news and some sad news........which do you want first?
I'll start with the sad news. This year I won't be going to CHA in California. Awwwwwww, I know, that's a bummer!......But the good news is .....drum roll please.....I just saved a lot on my car insurance...(smile) always wanted to play that little joke...OK, really, the good news is that ...Even though I will miss the conference and trade show, I've ordered everything I wanted, so 
"The Scrapbook Cottage" will still be filled with goodies throughout the year.

Here's a peek!

We've ordered the whole line......for those wanting to creating lasting wedding memories, add a touch of your wedding color and KABOOM........


Aren't these colors beautiful? Did someone say Glitter?
Yes, these will be available at The Scrapbook Cottage in February, all 20 colours!

Scrapbooks Ect

The Scrapbook Cottage is pleased to announce that we now sell the magazine "Scrapbook etc."
You've asked for it, now I've produced it.

This magazine is filled with exciting techniques and information. What better way to spend your Sunday evening creating one of the sample layouts in this magazine.

*Visit the store for your copy today.........