Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We've Had So Much "FUN"

M-C .....my friend, I'm so sorry the time just flew right pass us. At least you were able to taste many Bahamain dishes.
Crack Conch, Curry Mutton, Miami Vice(strawbeery and pine colada mix) the bahamian way, Crab N'Rice(and these are land crabs), Conch fritters(which i promise to bring when i go back to tampa) and many others.

Well I didn't get a chance to go to CKC.....I was so busy trying to get my tables and chairs for the classroom......and i still failed!!! Ikea (in Ft Lauderdale didn't have my tables and then Ikea (in Orlando didn't have my chairs)....so that was almost a wasted trip because i STILL had to order them online...and I could have done that at HOME...lol.

Well.....good news...I'm all set to go to CHA....first time going there and i'm all prepared. M-C told me what to expect.....Yes M-C, I won't forget to take my pocket calender!!!!lol.....

Well ...Have to run now....

Take care and God bless...

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