Monday, September 1, 2008

First Customers........

Well ......On this past Saturday I opened the doors of The Scrapbook Cottage, it turned out that even though it rained there were enthusiastic scrappers waiting for the doors to open! Talk about "for the love of scrapping". I just wanted to say thank you to all those who visited the store, stayed and talked , those who purchased, those who signed up for upcoming classes and those who just came in smiled and left......

All customers that purchased on Saturday are eligible to enter the grand prize drawing (A basket full of goodies). This will be held on Saturday the 20th of September.

Don't forget ......first to sign up, first to get in the class!
Beginner's classes are schedule for the 19th & 20th of September.

* Introduction to tools, trends & techniques
* Learn how to plan your pages
* Learn how to mat your photographs
* Choosing the right size album

*****Create a double page layout....A must do for all newbies*****


Anonymous said...

I had the privelidge of stumbling into your store and its just INCREDIBLE!! I plan to go back sometime soon.

Tricia said...


Congratulations on your store. I love it..I love it...I love it. I believe that I was your very first customer I hope that you remember me I"m the lady with the 2 kids and a grandma in tow. :)

Well, I've just finished my two books and I can't wait to come in and show you...and guess what?.....YES!!!
It SOO is worth it!!!!
I Can't wait to come in again and shop till I pop.....please tell me that you'll hold my baby for me while I shop. hahaha.

Congrats again on the store and I wish you brisk business and loyal customers (I'm one!)

FANTASTIC STORE...and I will definitely sign up for a class, I am only sorry that I missed the first one.