Monday, May 11, 2009

WOW....She's 13 years old!!!!!

I remember the day she was born, like yesterday. My baby girl turned 13 this month. She has grown into such a lovely lady(she must take after me).  There are so many changes now, she wants to wear this particular color that will match this particular shoe. I was told that this is the monster i created, taking her

Well this year she celebrated her birthday at Compass Point Beach Resort, a beautiful island themed resort by the way! The girls had a blast swimming in the pool and the beach, then got ready for the big 13th bash @ 7pm.  Then @12pm when everyone else went home(of course they didn't want to leave), the girls went swimming again. So much energy..........
It was such a fantastic night........What will we do when it's the 16th Bash?
Here are a few pictures.

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Anonymous said...

wow my friend is really 13 thats great